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Welcome to m8.co.uk, we specialise in mobile marketing, app development, mobile website design and content creation. We are a new age SEO company which basically means that we use the latest cutting edge technology to promote your brand organically and safely.

We have various leading clients listed below who we have worked with in various areas of marketing. To find out how we can help you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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RUSEEN - Telematics.com 47 Terminus Avenue, Bexhill, TN39 3LY, United Kingdom


All enquiries should be made via email. Please email rob@m8.co.uk. We will respond within 5 days, usually quicker.

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If any domains that our customers have registered are engaged in any form of abuse, illegal conduct, electronic spam (junk email), or any other illegal activities or activities that breach the Nominet UK domain space terms of use, please report this to rob@m8.co.uk so we deal with the issue.
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If you have any complaint about our service as a domain registrar the first port of call is to send us an email to rob@m8.co.uk making it clear the email is a complaint. We will then try to rectify the problem as speedily as we can. If within 7 days of our initial response, or if we have not responded 14 days of your email, you have no received a adequate resolution to your problem please serve notice that you are escalating to a stage 2 complaint either via email, or via post to the address on this page. If we still do not deal with your complaint adequately you can contact outside bodies. The registry for the UK namespace, Nominet, is likely to be the best party to deal with domain related complaints, but you may also consider other avenues such as Citizens Advise Bureau, etc.