High End Content Creation

We develop high end content but not just the type of £7 per 400 word article content that most services offer, we develop studies, special reports and in-depth guides. An example of the sort of content we develop is here in our special reports section for lifeinsure.co.uk (a site we operate) http://www.lifeinsure.co.uk/special-reports/ The goal of our content is that journalists and everyday people link to it voluntarily due to it’s authority and thoroughness.

This is not for people looking for a cheap service but rather for people who want the sort of content that attracts links on it’s own and sets you up as an authority. We also are able to offer promotion of this content and/or guide you how to do it if that is your wish. If you want to have a site that is an authority, you need to reflect that in your on-site content. This content can include visual aids such as infographics and be backed up by research and facts from various reliable sources. The price will depend on the particular task and niche but will provide value in a gift that keeps giving. When we invest in content on our own sites it is far and away the safest tactic we use which provides the best ROI of anything we do.

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