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My first Post….5 tips and warnings

Well, for my first post ever on my blog i thought i would write out a simple list of things i have learnt over the years in on line marketing. This may or may not be of use to you and you probably know them all BUT bear with me and be nice as it is my first post :)

1) Going for cheaper is quite often a false economy.

Take this as an example, you have this great new idea that you want to get coded up and live. You ask some respected coders that are recommended to you, they come back with several quotes that seem very high. Off you then go to guru.com or another freelance marketplace and you get back some crazy cheap quotes. You take the cheapest option, after all it will leave you more money to market the site, right? Wrong. There is every chance that you will now spend double or more getting the bugs fixed they will leave and you could have probably done the whole project for a lot less with a lot less hassle had you gone for quality at the start. Really cheap coders are often really cheap for a reason. That is true of almost anything in on line services. I know budgets can be tight on start ups but try to pay a bit more in the short term to avoid paying more in the long term. As i write this i am still debugging buymycar.com 2 months after it’s build.

TIP: Pick someone that is recommended in a community that has something to lose by providing you a poor service.

2) You are earning great now and it will always be this way, Google loves you and you love them!

Off you go to buy that new helicopter, boat, mansion (or latest Peppa Pig Toy), after all you are doing so well at on line marketing and your income bracket is now set for life!! Whilst this MIGHT be the case, there is every chance that it might not too! To avoid disappointment i would recommend that you live below your new found means and retain the philosophy that things can change for the better or worse. Try to spread your risk and even look to offline investments and other diverse ways to use money that you make. We invested heavily in domain names thinking that they were the bricks and mortar of the Internet and even these are very much at the mercy of outside forces. (see nominet .uk consultation and Google’s exact match penalty for a couple of examples of outside forces that can devalue names overnight.

TIP: Investing into EXTRA high quality content on your sites or your prize site would seem to be a good option to reinvest a proportion of earnings. By high quality i mean the sort of content that will be linked to voluntarily. Failing that, investing in shoes or a new bag for your loved one can pay dividends.

3) The “4 hour week” does not exist in SEO in this day and age

You just put down the great book “The Four Hour Week” and are now ready for your life on the beach whilst your team in the Philippines earns you your fortune from their factory. Well, i am sure this can still work in some cases but in the vast majority of cases Google is a smarter beast that now than it used to be. You used to be able to outsource low level content, low level links and pretty much low level everything and watch your sites climb. This has certainly changed and now you need to really put the work in and this work is simply not doable by a lot of the places you can AFFORD to outsource to. A lot of the books of yesteryear are in no way relevant to today. You can still make a fantastic living on line but you need to build relationships, read up on changing trends, build quality content and basically nurture any new business to give it a chance in the very corporate time we live in.

TIP: Find a topic for an on line business you are passionate about, it makes it a lot easier to put the hours into it that you need now.If you cannot do that then visit www.blackhatworld.com and learn how to become a master spammer!

4) Do not take on too many projects!

This would be my major pitfall personally speaking and the one thing i really regret even more than selling my star wars figures at the age of 10. You can end up with 50 crappy/average sites and projects that are unfinished and no good to anyone. When working on the Internet, you will come across an incredible amount of opportunities on an almost daily basis. The best thing you can do is to stay focused on your core project/s.


Yes, of course you do but do not use that as an excuse to indulge your adventurous side or to relieve boredom by looking at other things. Do not underestimate the value of doing the mundane things in on line marketing like checking analytics, writing content and blogging ;) , trying to get your list of penalised sites back into Google favour! and so on. We all have great ideas or think we do but i would back the person who can make one decent idea into a reality and stick with it versus the “ideas person.”

5) Build your social profile sooner

The Internet is changing now and it is more important who you are than what you do.Here are three reasons to start promoting yourself:

Take Google and Google Authorship and It’s ridiculous Google Circles which are becoming more of a ranking factor now. Start building your Google +1 profile sooner rather than later to benefit from them as they start to dial up their influence more and more.Social mentions and interaction will become more and more prominent as the flawed system of valuing backlinks dies out.Facebook likes, Twitter followers and other social channels will be brought in more and more as an influencer on rankings. They will only become more and more valuable to your business so better to start now and build that following up and paint the picture of the viral brand that Google wants.

It is a great advantage to be able to build a following to engage with as you launch new sites. To have an army of people to retweet you, +1 you, link to you, endorse you and so on can give a new venture a great head start that it would cost you thousands to buy.

Lastly, to become a known expert in your field will result in people linking to you, journalists asking you for quotes and people trusting what you are writing. You will be the goto person in your field and it is funny how much more people want to engage with you when you are doing well……

I hope you found this useful in some capacity and i quite enjoyed writing it in a therapeutic way.


Robert Prime has been involved in the life insurance industry since 2006 and is the co-owner of lifeinsure.co.uk. Having worked within an authorised environment and joint managed several brokerages he has gained a lot of experience in this sector which he is keen to share with the public.

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